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St. Petroc Cross Necklace

Price: $46.00

Material: Pewter

Width: 38mm / Height: 63mm
Chain length: 27 inch (69cm)

Pewter St Petroc cross (medium) with a Celtic knot-work embossed design hung on a surgical steel trace chain.

St Petroc was a Welsh nobleman who was educated in an Irish monastery and then sailed with a small band of followers to the Camel estuary. He built a church at Padstow with a Celtic monastery as a centre for spreading the Christian faith.

In his travels he also started churches in Bodmin and Little Petherick, as well as in many parts of Britain, Wales and Brittany.
King Constantine ruled the area at this time and was said to have been converted to Christianity by St Petroc when he rescued the deer that the King was hunting.

There are many legends about St Petroc’s healing, miracles and banishing monsters.

He was buried at Padstow. In the 12th Century St Petroc’s Church in Bodmin obtained his relics and put them in a painted ivory casket, which can still be seen today.

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