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Cashel Cross

Price: $40.00

Material: Pewter

Width: 35mm / Height: 67mm
Chain length: 27 inch (69cm)

Large, pewter knot-work Cashel cross with a Celtic embossed design hung on a surgical steel trace chain.

The Celtic cross symbolises the bridge to higher energies and planes of existence.
It represents the relationship between the celestial realm (vertical axis) and the earthly plane (horizontal axis).

The circle around the cross symbolises both the Great Wheel of Life and the solar energy. The tall shafts, like the ancient menhirs and the inscribed stones of the dark ages, represent the union between the earth and spirit, the stones firmly fixed in the earth and reaching upwards to the heavens. In this way it can be seen that Celts easily adapted their ancient religious beliefs to the new ones introduced by Christianity.

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