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Kinsale Chunky Cable Knit Cowl Sweater

Price: $180.00

Brand: Aran Woolen Mills

Colours available: ivory 367 / green 430 / dusty pink 402 / lavender 385 / coral 660 / yellow 703

Balancing comfort and warmth with beauty and style, the Kinsale Cable Aran Sweater is the perfect companion throughout all seasons.

This wonderfully unique piece allows the cable stitch to stand proud on the main panels revelling in its full glory. The moss stitch on the inner arm and side panels provides a smooth, subtle finish, all the while not diminishing the magic of the two finger cable stitching.

Crafted with Supersoft Merino wool and finished with a generous cowl neck, you’ll feel simultaneously cosy and confident in this entirely unique knit.

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