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Avondale Ladies Tweed Cardigan

Price: $168.00

Brand: Aran Woolen Mills

Colour: Green 628 / Denim 720 / Silver 455

Material: Donegal Tweed 100% Wool

For the woman in search of outerwear with heart and soul.

The Avondale Tweed Cardigan is a sophisticated piece made to highlight the beauty of nepped yarn. Knitted with 100% Pure New Wool, this knit offers a tweed-like feel as it comfortably hugs the body. An outer garment, this knit is perfect to be worn as an outerwear jacket when in need of some extra warmth and effortless sophistication.

Six Aran style shanked football buttons fasten the cardigan with ease, allowing you to stay toasty and comfortable, year upon year.

Stay cosy during cold winter nights or take it with you on a fresh spring walk.

Fit guide: Standard fit and length.

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