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Pure Oskar - Barn Owl Soap

Price: $21.00

Following the tremendous success of their iconic Curragh Sheep Soap, Pure Oskar now introduces a charming collection called Irish Native Animals - Soap Range. A collection of new shapes, each inspired by Ireland's enchanting wildlife. The new additions include the Barn Owl soap.

Crafted to capture the mystique and grace of the barn owl, this soap is a tribute to one of Ireland's most enchanting nocturnal birds.

Handmade in their workshop located at the edge of the Curragh in County Kildare. They are crafted with responsibly sourced ingredients and packed in sustainable packaging, reflecting Pure Oskar's commitment to the environment.

Qualities: Vegan | Cruelty Free | Good Foaming | Fun

Especially for: soap lovers and soap collectors

Suitable for: everyone

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